Life, for me, is like an old fashioned dinner on the grounds. It all looks good and I want some of everything!

Welcome to my blog! This is my place to share things I’m learning about life…and the lessons are as varied as those delicious covered dishes served up on a Sunday afternoon.

Some lessons are like green beans – practical and good for you.

Some are light and sweet, like that orange whipped cream stuff my aunt used to make, and others are meaty (and maybe even a little hard to chew) like a good old hunk of roast beef.

Whatever the topic, I’ll be sharing what I’m learning along the way in my ‘covered dish’ journey through life.  My hope is that you’ll be encouraged!

When I married my husband John, I went overnight from single girl to grandmother and I love it!

They’ve taught me a lot.conniecarey

I also have three awesome nephews.

OK, well the one in the front left is NOT my nephew…that’s my wonderful husband, John.  You may have to be in suspense for a while to see a shot of all three nephews together until I can find a picture where no one is picking their nose or scratching something that’s not appropriate for my blog.  Nephews.  They’re different from nieces.

There. That’s better.

I’m a speaker who uses humor and music to encourage, equip and inspire.  For more about that, visit me online at: www.ConnieCarey.com.

John and I worship at Strong Tower Fellowship, a mission to an inner city neighborhood in Macon, Georgia.  We have found new meaning and purpose in sharing our lives with the people of this community.

I love to hear from readers, so feel free to comment!

Thanks for joining me as we journey together.

Connie Carey

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, Connie! You continue to be a blessing to so many! It is exciting to see how God is using you and John to minister in His name in Africa and at home! I’m encouraged and inspired by your willingness to answer His call wherever He leads! May God continue to bless you as you exalt Him!


    • Good to hear from you as well, my friend. The concert was a lot of fun as always. We missed you, though. Glad we were able to help raise money for Christian Counseling Services. PTL!


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