How to Rock Your Day: 3 Reasons Why Your Attitude Matters

At a local lunch place in my town, there’s this bus boy.  His job?  To clean tables after customers leave, making the table ready for the next customer.

But each time I’m there, I watch with fascination the effect he has on others as he takes bussing tables to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  This restaurant is the kind where you tell them your name, they announce when your order’s ready and you pick it up at the counter. You take your cup to the drink station and get your drink, napkins, straws, etc.  It’s a self-serve kind of place.


But if Carlos Slaughter is on duty, that’s not what happens.

Instead, he greets you with a dazzling smile, remembers your name from last time and declares, “Have a seat!  I’ll bring your lunch out!”  Quickly, cheerfully and with a bit of flair, he brings lunch to the table.  “Here you go, Mrs. Connie.  Got enough to drink?  Need some salt or pepper? Alright, you ladies enjoy.” The other customers’ faces light up as he does the same for them.

You would think he was the owner and master chef of an expensive 5 star restaurant!  But  he’s just the busboy.

Just the busboy?  More like a shining ambassador for his place of employment.

Every time I see him, I’m reminded:

It’s not just about WHAT you do, it’s about HOW you do it.

Here are 3 reasons why your attitude matters.

  1.  Your attitude is contagious.  The energy you bring to your meeting, your classroom or home spreads to others and they are affected by it.  I’m told we have “mirror neurons” in our brains that make our emotions catchable.  So take responsibility for the energy and mood you’re spreading to others.
  2. This moment makes your future moments. How you do what you do impacts how people respond to you and very often, the results you get.  I give The Busboy a better tip than many other servers and I suspect other customers do, too.  The way this young man treats others and the excellent way he does his job is sure to open doors for him in the future.  Decide that you will WOW other people with your genuine caring and attention to detail, and watch to see whether you get a different response than usual.
  3. You can make a difference in this world no matter what you do for a living. Busboys are not known for making millions.  Working in the service industry (I’ve been there) can be frustrating.  Customers are in a hurry, in a bad mood, don’t expect to see you again, etc.  It can be tempting to tell yourself, “If I had a really important job, my attitude would be better.” But whatever your job is, don’t miss this truth: YOU IMPACT OTHERS.  Yes, YOU! I can’t begin to tell you the positive impact this young man has on me and every other customer.  He literally makes my day.  He makes my friends and me want to eat there.  He’s the best advertisement this restaurant could have.  Let’s learn from him!  Start infusing everything you do with love and enthusiasm, realizing that you can impact others for good, no matter what you do for a living.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently put it:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (credit:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (credit:

If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music…Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry.  Sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: “Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.”

You can hear that speech here.

Think with me here.  What’s an example of HOW someone did something that wowed you?

And what area might shift in your life if you focused on HOW you do something?

Leave a comment because I’d really love to know.  And if you have a friend or co-worker who’s caught in a negative loop and could use a little encouragement, share this with them.

Remember, It’s not just about WHAT you do.  It’s about HOW you do it!

Thanks for reading!

25 thoughts on “How to Rock Your Day: 3 Reasons Why Your Attitude Matters

  1. Carlos is the best! My friends and I eat there often in large part due to Carlos! He makes our day better with his smile, kind words and hugs. He takes the time to know all of our names and treats us like royalty. He is the perfect example of doing your job to your best ability!

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  2. Carlos is fantastic! When my Dad was in a wheelchair, Carlos would spot us outside and open the doors and direct us to a perfect spot! He would get our drinks before I ordered! Everyone needs to take lessons from Carlos and treat people with love and compassion! He is a true Christ Follower!

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  3. What a great read I have had the pleasure of being in Carlos presence and this is something he has obviously always done. It is Great that your article is focusing on positive instead of negative too much negative what someone did not get right or how bad service was we need more people like you observing people like Carlos and spreading the word . Maybe his superiors or management will see this and realize how valuable an employee he really is maybe this could help him get that raise he has been waiting for or even a promotion WHO KNOWS .We are to quick to speak when dissatisfied and Far too many don’t take the time to recognize those going beyond what is expected. GOOD JOB CARLOS KEEP IT UP / AS I know you will!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I’m also a Carlos fan and even though they are not with me most times he always ask,” how are the kids?” He is the very best and this articles reminds me that I can be better. I have a great example to look up to in Carlos.

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  5. Until about a year ago, I lived this same city and frequented that same restaurant… and I LOVE Carlos. He is awesome! I’ve always wondered if others were noticing his consistent effort and infectious good attitude. Apparently, yes!

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  6. Just had breakfast there Thursday with my boys! They love Carlos and gave him a big hug! He told them how tall they were getting and reminded them to do good in school.

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  7. OMG, I love him so much, he always strikes me with his attitude, I just saw him today and gave him a big hug. You are so right it doesn’t matter what you do, what matters how you do it. Every time I see him I tell him how much of an inspiration he is, with his positive attitude regardless how customers been grumpy. Never heard him complaining even once I LOVE CAROLS

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  8. Love love love Carlos! He is an inspiration. He makes everyone feel great and important. I hope people leave him nice tips for his wonderful service. That kind of service is hard to find!

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  9. Yes my two daughter’s and I ate there and he was soo amazing has such a big smile and a great personality and he really do make you wanna come back again just because of his great job performance and the way he makes you feel welcome needs more of him in the world today keep up the good work

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  10. Carlos is amazing!! My daughter and I talk about him every time we go in. He always makes you smile and laugh and want to strive to be like him. I have told his manager on several occasions that I hope he realizes what a “gem” he has in Carlos. He remind me of the book “Fish” and the guys at fish market in Seattle. Always do the job with a smile and feeling blessed.


  11. Carlos is amazing!! My daughter and I talk about him every time we go in. He always makes you smile and laugh and want to strive to be like him. I have told his manager on several occasions that I hope he realizes what a “gem” he has in Carlos. He remind me of the book “Fish” and the guys at fish market in Seattle. Always do the job with a smile and feeling blessed.

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  12. Carlos IS Mr. Panera Bread! I feel their Corporate offices should read this. It reminds me of a good employe who could get rewarded, such as on Undercover Boss! Don’t ya think? Thanks for a fabulous article!


  13. Carlos definitely makes lunch an even more enjoyable experience! He’s awesome, and his attitude and smile are definitely contagious!! 😊


  14. Clarence Lattimer used to take my money at the toll booth (remember when we had those with real people inside ??) every a.m. on my drive to work … and he is another person who took it to the next level – every morning – he would greet me with “Hello Sunshine – have a great day!!” and it did make my day better and it was a great lesson to me on giving 100% and then some 🙂


  15. I remember the first time, I saw this young man at work I thought wow, he has great customer service. He was smiling, talking to everyone, and being very helpful. What amazes me even more is that he is this way every time I go in there….Job well done Carlos!


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