Laugh More to Stress Less

The pressures of life and work can pull us down.  Of all the tools to combat depression, stress and negativity, remembering your sense of humor is one of the best and most fun.  Why? Because there is healing power in humor.  In fact, medical science tells us that people who laugh regularly are 40% less likely to have a heart attack than those who don’t laugh regularly.  It triggers the right side of the brain, fostering creativity. It activates natural tranquilizers, boosts your immune system, reduces blood pressure and relieves tension.

But you’ve got to be on the lookout for the humorous side of life.  When I speak on this topic, people say to me, “Connie, funny things just happen to you.  But they don’t happen to me.”  I beg to differ!  I believe hilarious things happen to ALL of us.  But we have to be willing to adjust our lenses and look for the funny in life.

For instance, isn’t it interesting how the slight misspelling of a word changes the whole meaning?

I sure hope my nephews don’t feel the need for any of that stuff.

How about this menu at a local restaurant in my town.


Either that’s an unfortunate misspelling, or that dressing is really high in fiber.

Or how about this pic I snapped from a lunch menu in Los Vegas?

IMG_3905Dear Los Vegas Restaurant:

Please rethink the title of your burger.


the City of Vidalia, GA

When we find humor in unexpected places, it lightens our day and helps us manage stress.  Recently, my housework took an unexpected turn for the worse.


I texted my husband this pic with a note:  “Dear Husband, The good news:  I vacuumed the house!  The bad news:  Charging your phone may be difficult.”  It eased the frustration of the moment.  The more you practice laughing at life….the annoyances and frustrations…the more resilient, happy and healthy you’ll be.

I’ve decided, it takes a lot to push me too far, to make me angry or upset.  I’ve learned that there is great benefit in seeing, benefitting from and even appreciating the bizarre and annoying things of life. Harnessing laughter is a great skill to manage stress.

Every day, you and I will encounter both good…and bad.  Let the bad go…and celebrate the good.  If you do, you’ll find that you may






It might even get your health premiums down!  The old saying is true:  “Laughter IS the best medicine.”  And it’s free…and has no side effects!

Know someone who needs to laugh a little today?  Pass this post along!  Remember, laugh more, stress less!




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