My Four Most Popular Posts from 2014

I thought I might share with you my four most popular posts from 2014 based on number of views, likes, shares and comments.   I’m humbled that anyone besides my mom would read my blog! (And even more humbled that my post on Robin Williams, My Dad and the Voice of Truth was viewed over 5,000 times in 24 hours).

Think of these posts as an old fashioned covered dish dinner on the grounds!  Some dishes (posts) are light and sweet like that orange whipped cream stuff my Aunt Wee used to make.  Others are meaty (and maybe even a little hard to chew) like a good old hunk of roast beef.   But they all are intended to encourage you and perhaps inspire you to consider everyday life from a renewed perspective.  Thank you for reading my blog…may you find a little cheer in these Life Lessons & Laughter!

Robin Williams, My Dad and the Voice of Truth

robin-williams-jpgFrom his Mork and Mindy days to Good Morning Vietnam to Mrs. Doubtfire and beyond, Robin Williams literally oozed humor and was a master of all things funny.

But addiction and depression are no laughing matter.

When I consider my father’s battle with the same, and then suicide, I think of this:…


My Wett Butt Moment

Across the filled-to-capacity restaurant, with a voice like a megaphone, the kind, helpful waitress announced: “MA’AM.  YOUR BUTT BE WET.”

Have you ever had a “Wet Butt” moment? A moment when you think you’re perfectly groomed and oh, so confident, yet unaware of a glaring flaw that is evident to everyone…but you?….

What I Caught From the Parking Garage Lady 

www.conniecarey.comThe Parking Garage Lady was contagious yesterday.  And I caught it.  Let me explain. 





My Try at a Triathlon: 5 Unexpected Life Lessons“Ahem.  I’m going to do a triathlon.”  “What?”  John was concerned.  “How long do you plan to train?”

“A day,” I replied, trying to sound logical.   “And what’s the course?”

“1750 yard swim, 14 mile bike ride, 3.1 mile run.”  I sat down, feeling suddenly tired as I said that out loud.

“Knock yourself out, Baby.”

Actually, I was afraid I might do just that…..

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