Seven Steps to Reach Your Goals (from an 87 Year Old Mountain Climbing Grandma)

This time of year we look back, move forward and set goals for the coming year. Sometimes it’s hard to get started on our journey, but it’s easier when we take that first step, then put one foot in front of another.  Soon, you’re on your way and before you know it, you’ve made some pretty impressive progress, eventually reaching that goal!

To mark her upcoming 87th birthday, my mom climbed North Carolina’s Whiteside Mountain!  Those same steps by which she accomplished her goal can help you reach your’s, too.

Get started.  Having climbed the same mountain 5 years ago, she knew what it would take.  In August, she decided it was time to do it again.  Our family set the date. She began talking about it.  But she did more than that.  She put action to her idea by increasing her daily walking.

Got Any Mountains?

What goal stirs your mind and heart? Getting healthier?  Learning to play the guitar? Starting a new business?

Set your sights.  But do more than talk about it. Do something.  Do anything! Just get started.  The first step is the hardest. Every step after that will be a lot easier.


Have a realistic system and be consistent.  To ready herself for the climb, Mom didn’t run marathons.   Instead, she did something she knew she could realistically do: walk 2 miles a day.  She walked in her neighborhood on pleasant days.  At the mall when it was too hot, cold or rainy.  She even walked up and down her driveway and hallway if the day got away from her and it was too dark to walk the street. But she did it every day.

Is your goal more customers? Be realistic, yet consistent.  Instead of telling yourself you’ll call 20 prospective customers a day, just call one.  And do it every day.

Ask for & receive help when needed.   She knew she’d need help navigating rocky places, so she let us come alongside.  Got Any Mountains?None of us knows and can do everything. Avoid Lone Ranger thinking!

Need a website but aren’t savvy with tech stuff? Pay someone who’s gifted there. Save time and get results faster when you let others’ expertise /experience work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Chances are, folks will appreciate you thought enough of them to ask.

Break it into doable chunks. She didn’t do the mountain in one piece.  She rested when she needed to.  (We didn’t mind the breaks, either!)

Got Any Mountains?

Is your goal to write a book?  You can’t do it in one day.  But you can sketch an outline. Or write your prologue.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

Be flexible.   Things don’t always work out.  At any point, weather or lack of stamina could’ve prevented the plan from coming to fruition.  She was ready to adjust her goal if necessary.  Others passed her on their way to the top.  She didn’t let it bother her. They were on their schedule…she was on her’s.  In your quest to reach your goals, don’t worry about what other people are doing or how fast they seem to be reaching their goals. Be true to your own goal and trust the timing.

Let the memory of past victories spur you on. 

Got Any Mountains?


Here we are straddling the Continental Divide 5 years ago.





Then last week.

Recalling a past success can bolster confidence for a present goal.




You can do more than you thought you could.  Not every step is pleasant, easy or fun.  But setting your goal, digging deep and watching it happen is SO VERY SWEET!

Mom and I wish you a new year of seeing your goals accomplished and much success on your journey.   Let’s have a great year!


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