Holiday Stress? Don’t Forget to Fa-la-la-la LAUGH!

OK, People. This is the time of year things get busy, hectic and stressful!  In all your running around this Holiday season, don’t forget to Fa-la-la-la-LAUGH!

For example, I love my friend Robin’s interpretation of her turkey recipe just before putting it in the oven:









One of my family’s favorite stories from sitting around the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners came from my Uncle Jelly.

Uncle Jelly owned a small TV and appliance store in my hometown of Dublin, Georgia.  One day he was installing a tall TV antenna out in the country.  Feeling the need to relieve himself on the way back, he pulled his truck over to the the side of the lonely dirt road.  For some reason, before stepping off the dirt road, he removed his glasses and carefully placed them on the back bumper.

Why, you ask, does someone take off his glasses to relieve himself?

I can’t answer that.  I’m just telling you what Uncle Jelly told us.

He returned to the truck, drove about a mile down the road and realized he had left his glasses on the bumper.  He immediately stopped the truck and looked on the bumper.  No glasses.  He then returned to the spot, but, as hard as he looked (hey, he couldn’t see much without his glasses!), couldn’t find them.

He bought a new pair of glasses.  Life went on.

About a year later, Uncle Jelly drove down the same road to do a maintenance check on the antenna.  Once again, Nature called.  In the process he heard an unusual splattering sound, looked down, and….one year later….I don’t make this stuff up, folks….was washing off his old glasses!

OK, maybe this is one of those “You had to be there” stories to get the full impact, but I’m telling you our family BEGGED Uncle Jelly to tell it every year, then HOWLED and slapped the table as he told it.  And did that story die just because Uncle Jelly did?  NO!  We still tell it every year even though he’s no longer with us and we laugh just as hard.  Even my young nephews, who never met him, insist on the story being told.

So, this holiday season, when the shopping lines are long, the parking spaces are scarce and you’re tempted to be stressed, remember that the funniest and best stories come from those times when something goes “not according to plan”.  And if you’re the brainy type that needs a scientific reason to laugh, remember….numerous studies have shown that smiling and laughing help us recover from stress more quickly.  If we can laugh at ourselves, we’ll not only survive the Holiday season, we’ll thrive!

Laughter….the best medicine!





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