“Falling UP: Lessons Learned on the Way Down”

Have you ever felt like you were falling?

Without a parachute?

Have you ever felt you were on a joy ride when life’s events took a sudden unexpected turn? Maybe you feel like you’ve been shoved out of a plane and are now falling through the air, out of control and headed for a terrible crash.

Maybe you’ve had one heartbreak after another and feel like you can’t take one more. Everything in you screams, “This was NOT supposed to happen to me!”

When we feel like we’re falling, other thoughts may flood our minds as well. These thoughts might include: “MY God would never let (you fill in the blank) happen.” “I feel like I’m going under, but God will never give me more than I can handle, right?” “I just don’t deserve this.”

Those same thoughts have knocked on the door of my heart and mind. And while I don’t know everything you’re feeling, I do have an idea of some of the things you may be experiencing.

Having gone through divorce, the loss of my dad to suicide and a few other personal tragedies, I know firsthand that when you go through loss so deep it changes your world, the pain seems to define you for a while.   When those thoughts came knocking, I needed truth – not myths or hunches – to help me deal with my circumstances.

My new book, “Falling UP: Lessons Learned on the Way Down”, addresses those times in life we didn’t sign up for.

"Falling UP: Lessons Learned on the Way Down"

I wrote this book for the person in a season of sorrow, whether through failing health, loss of a loved one, financial disaster or relationship problems. But this book is not just for the hurting. It’s also for anyone who loves someone who is hurting and wants to know what to say to help comfort them.

“Falling UP” is even for the person whose life is rosy at the moment. Why? Because it’s wisely been said we are either coming out of a storm, in the middle of a storm, or about to go into a storm. And I want you to be ready the next time a storm comes your way.

And it will come.

I’ve learned that when heartbreak hits, with God by your side, it is possible to do more than just fall. You can “fall up.” You can make it to the other side of grief stronger in your broken places.

I wrote this book for people like us; real people with real questions who need real hope when life doesn’t make sense.

As you can probably tell, I believe in this book and I believe it will encourage you and your friends.  Trusting that God will use this book in your life, I want to let you know that “Falling UP” is available August 8 and you can purchase it here through Amazon.   It’s thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter make it a great book for Bible study or group discussion.

“A powerful resource for anyone facing grief and loss. Connie’s story will bring encouragement and healing through practical steps and solid Biblical truths. A must-read and must-share!”
– Sandra Stanley, North Point Community Church

9 thoughts on ““Falling UP: Lessons Learned on the Way Down”

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  4. This is a great read – I enjoyed all the lessons about how God works in our lives and the enjoyment we receive when, in hindsight, we see His hands at work. It is thought provoking and encouraging.


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