Malaysia Bound!

I’ll never forget the day I got the call, so many years ago.  “Hi, I’m looking for a piano teacher for my son.  He loves music, is a hard worker, and is a special needs child.  Will you take him?” Recently divorced, my fairy tale had just gone up in smoke. Disappointed, disillusioned, and swimming in self-pity, I was unwilling to take a chance on this child…or anything else. Have you ever been there? But I reluctantly took him on as my student. Little did I know the lessons this amazing boy would teach me…

This is the true story, entitled “Leap”, that I shared last night at the District Speech Contest in Atlanta.  Here we go again!

Many of you were so kind to pray for me and encourage me as I represented Georgia last August in Cincinnati at the International Speech Contest sponsored by Toastmasters International. I placed 2nd in my semifinal.  What an incredible experience to be in the presence of such gifted speakers with life-changing messages!

Toastmasters International Convention

The annual global competition, drawing more than 30,000 contestants, began again this past January. Tonight was the fourth level of competition, the District Contest. I had the honor of sharing the platform with six other amazing speakers with compelling messages.

Having placed first,  I will compete in August at the semifinals and hopefully in the finals two days later, both in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!









I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare!




10 thoughts on “Malaysia Bound!

    • Sincere thanks to you, Dave, for your wonderful coaching and opportunities you provided me to give my speech before other groups, receiving valuable feedback. I owe you a ton of gratitude, friend!


  1. Connie, I am so glad and proud that you will be representing District 14 in August. Your speech was oustanding and I hope that you enjoy your journey in Maylasia. Best wishes!


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