Someone Needs a Hug (Worst Family Portrait Ever)

Remember Buddy the Elf’s famous line of encouragement?  “Someone needs a hug.”

That’s what I think of in these 3 family photos.  Our grandson, upper left, was having a bad day in two of these family pics.

Someone Needs a Hug.

They were months apart, but still the theme was the same.

Someone needs a hug.

“I NEED A HUG!” he seems to say.

These two pics reminded me of another family portrait taken some 45 years ago.  Let me set the scene for these tragic expressions.

My parents had been on a weekend trip with another couple and had left explicit instructions with the babysitter: when they arrived home on Sunday afternoon, time would be of utmost importance.  Our appointment for the family portrait in the church directory was that afternoon.  Our clothes had been laid out days in advance.  We were to be bathed, hair combed and dressed.

Details escape kids.  I don’t remember anything about the instructions.  I just remember my little brother and me playing in the dirt, barefooted, and me with tangled hair.  I don’t think we’d had a bath since they left several days prior.  It was marvelous.

The car careened into the driveway on two wheels and screeched to a stop.  My brother and I jumped excitedly from the shallow hole we had scooped out and were filling with water from the garden hose.  Yay!  Mom and Dad are home!  From the way they quickly leapt from the car, it was obvious they were just as excited to see us, too!  We ran toward them, eager to show them our new discovery: water mixed with dirt creates mud!  Who knew??!!

But one look at their faces said it all.  “GET IN THE TUB!”  they both shouted.  “NOW!!!  GET IN THE TUB!”

WHAT???  Our parents always greeted us with hugs and “we missed you!”,  “how was your day”, “show me what you made” and “oh, isn’t that beautiful?” kind of stuff.

Not today.  Instead, each parent grabbed a kid by one arm as we hollered all the way up the back steps, leaving a trail of red Georgia clay and mud through the kitchen and into the hallway on our way to the dreaded bathtub.

They threw on their Sunday clothes, yanked us out of the now orange/brown water, got clean clothes on us and off we headed to the church…all in a record 10 minutes.



Gnashing of teeth.

The result?  This delightful family portrait, which, by the way, made its mark on posterity in the Ingleside Baptist Church Directory of 1967.

Worst Family Portrait Ever

Looks like everybody could’ve used a hug that day!

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