Tell it Well!

Whether it’s running for office, speaking up at a community meeting, delivering a moving tribute at a friend’s memorial service, sharing your faith effectively, or even conveying your thoughts clearly and confidently at work or a dinner party, you have a unique voice and the world is waiting for your contribution…yes, yours!

Over the past year, I’ve been blessed to extend my speaking into serving other speakers through coaching/training both individuals and groups.

Tell it Well

It’s been fulfilling to see inexperienced speakers trade fear for finesse…and to help seasoned speakers fine-tune their speeches into unforgettable messages.

Tell it Well!

I wholeheartedly believe everyone has a story.  And that story is worth telling well!

It’s been many months in the development and now it’s official!  Visit my new site to learn more. Please “like” my facebook page and take a moment to sign up for my Tell it Well blog to receive tips, articles and videos to help you put your best forward.  And thanks to Skype, coaching sessions are not limited by geography!

It would be my honor to support you in developing a talk that expresses your thoughts and ideas beautifully.  In the process, you’ll come away not only with a great message, but with more confidence and skill that you can apply to future talks.

Everyone has a story…here’s to telling yours well!

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