Choose Your Hard

Day 17 into the New Year… How are those resolutions coming?  Is your motivation fading a bit?  I struggle there, too.  Allow me to share a statement that my friend Julie Hadden, Runner Up from Season 4 of the Biggest Loser, said recently that really struck me.  Here’s Julie:

Julie Hadden, The Biggest Loser

“Losing weight is hard.

Maintaining weight loss is hard.

Being fat is hard.

Choose your hard.”

I love this statement!  Fill in the blank with any goal!  A few examples:

“Cutting back on spending is hard.  Being a slave to debt is hard.  Choose your hard.”

“Giving up smoking is hard.  Lung Cancer is hard.  Choose your hard.”

Julie Hadden and Connie Carey

There are countless goals, but I believe that, in each of them, there is an element of sacrifice for a better existence…and yes, sacrifice is difficult. But so is staying where you are.  

In other words, “Choose your hard.”

May this strengthen your resolve as you move toward a better tomorrow, remembering that the New Year is still…well, new!

9 thoughts on “Choose Your Hard

  1. “Give me a large order of HARD, with a side of smile!” LOL.
    The tuff stuff of life isn’t an easy, breezy drive-thru but at least it helps knowing others are with ya in the struggle of it all! Thanks, Connie! You are the winner of The World’s Biggest Blessing!!! 🙂


  2. That is such a great perspective. There are many “hards” to look at when parenting teenagers and homeschooling. Thank you friend for an easier way to think on this.


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