42 Years Later…Thanks

I loved the piano as soon as I could reach it to crawl up on the bench of our old Kimbell spinet.

But we couldn’t afford lessons.  My best friend, Sydney, gave me her Thompson Piano Method Books as she finished each level.  Her name was already written on the “Certificate of Achievement” page in the back, but I’d write mine in, under her’s, happily pretending that the gold star was for me, too.

“Mom!” I’d holler into the kitchen.  What’s the name of the note that has it’s own line through it?”  “Middle C!” she’d holler back, while frying chicken.   Each year, we hoped that this would be the year that piano lessons would be possible, but somehow…it never happened.

That is, until the sixth grade, when my Aunt Lynne made it possible for me to begin piano lessons by paying for my first year.  Around the same time, I asked to join the school band.  “We think your Aunt Lynne has an old flute,” my parents said.  “If she still has it, and doesn’t mind, you could play her flute.”

How I’ve often thanked the Lord that Lynne’s instrument of choice was not the tuba!

Lynne's flute

Last Thursday night I had the thrill of surprising my Aunt Lynne by dedicating my CD to her, in gratitude of her loving investment in my life those many years ago.

Enjoy the sequence of events as they unfolded.

“And the next winner of a CD is….Lynne Rowe!  Congratulations, Lynne!  Would you open the CD and read the inscription on the inside, please?”

CD Dedication

“This CD is dedicated to my Aunt Lynne, who gave me my first flute and provided for my first year of piano lessons.”

CD Dedication“What you did for me was pivotal in my life. It’s coming many years late, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

CD Dedication

“I love you, Lynne.”

CD Dedication

Many times we give generously, maybe sacrificially…never expecting anything in return.  But now and then, even if somewhat delayed…things have a way of coming back to us.

10 thoughts on “42 Years Later…Thanks

  1. Oh, Oh, Oh, Connie!!!!!!!!!! I’m crying all over again!!!!! You are the greatest “little sister”, neice that anyone could have!! I love you with all my heart!!!!



  2. Dear Connie, I am so glad you had the opportunity to thank and honor your aunt Lynn like this. What a lovely tribute to a beloved Aunt. I hope you will be able to influence someone like Lynn influenced you. It is all about “pay it on”.

    Lynne’s friend,
    Judy Mullins


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