Almost Romantic Moment #147

Gazing across a crowded room while performing Pachelbel’s Canon in D, I see my husband amidst the faces at this beautiful wedding and think softly, “I am deeply proud of this man God has given me.”

While my fingers travel up and down the piano keys, my mind traces the ups and downs of our life together…knowing that somehow each trial, each triumph… has brought us to this moment in time.

Our eyes meet. Notes on the page before me blurr through tears of gratitude, but no one knows this secret moment we share. I play from my heart as the bridal party processes and I remember with joy our own wedding day.

The bride reaches her waiting groom.  I end the song and find my husband’s eyes again.  The man of my dreams slowly raises fingers to lips, kisses them and blows his kiss to me.  As he does so, it becomes clear that my husband is deeply proud, too…

Almost Romantic Moment #147

…of his brand new blazer.

I scan the room again.  Who can I get a ride home with?

11 thoughts on “Almost Romantic Moment #147

  1. HA!HA!HA!!!!� That is so funny.� You almost had me with that touching story. :))))

    It was so good to see you and we had such

    a wonderful time.


  2. This was so funny! It reminds me of a time my husband and I went in the grocery store,after we were done shopping and in the car I noticed I had my sweater on inside out and the shoulder pads were flapping in the breeze.Husband walked with me all over store and never told me.I love him more than life but at that moment I was a little irritated.


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