What? No Waffle House?

Not in St. Jean de Thomas, France.

I didn’t get out much before I married John, but thanks to him, this country girl has seen some beautiful places.

Chateau les hauts

This morning, in a chateau overlooking Mont St. Michel…

after sleeping in the bed in which Gen. Eisenhower once slept…

(I hope they’ve changed the sheets since then.)

I followed the haunting sound of a Chopin Nocturne…

down the winding staircase…

to find breakfast set…

…before the medieval fireplace.

Although I found it eerily strange that no other guests were present, my concern was obviously not shared by my foodie husband.

On second thought, I thought I’d better sit down to breakfast before he ate it all.

7 thoughts on “What? No Waffle House?

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We will probably never make it there but for a moment we could enjoy it through your eyes. Connie you are such a blessing to me. Love you girl, just keep on living and loving for Jesus. Joann E.


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