Lie #5: “God can’t use me until my suffering is over.”

This is the fifth post in a series “When It’s More Than You Can Handle:  Replacing Lies With Truth”.

LIE #5:  God can’t use me until my suffering is over.

TRUTH:  It is often in observing a Christian who is glorifying God in her suffering that our faith is strengthened most.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to read in tomorrow’s news that Joni Eareckson Tada was miraculously healed of her paralysis?  There is no doubt that God could do it!  However, for His mysterious reasons He has chosen to glorify Himself through Joni’s unchanging suffering and her response to it.  And millions of hearts and lives have been touched through her steadfast reliance and obedience to His call on her life.

Your greatest witness on earth may be the manner in which you respond to your suffering. May God use you for His sparkling diamond purposes against the black velvet backdrop of your suffering!

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Lie #4:  I’ll be a hypocrite if I praise God without feeling like it.

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