U Turn in Mid Air

Meet my friend Leroy, a member of our church, Strong Tower Fellowship.  Drunk one night, he staggered into traffic and was hit by a car. As he sailed over the hood, it occurred to him that perhaps it was time for a change.  He was seriously injured; a broken hip and leg and the loss of his spleen.

When we’d pass him on the way to church, inching his walker down Walnut Street, we’d roll down the window and offer a ride.  With a brilliant smile, he’d say, “Thanks, but I need to walk.”  A few months later, he graduated to a cane, always passing on a ride.  Now he walks on his own.  The Lord has done amazing things in his life since that night.  It’s been awe inspiring to witness his transformation week by week.

This week, Leroy celebrates his one year anniversary being drug and alcohol free!  If you’d like to send Leroy a word of congrats and encouragement, post it here….I’ll make sure he gets it.

5 thoughts on “U Turn in Mid Air

  1. Romans 5:3-5
    Rejoicing with you in your sufferings that produced endurance, character and the hope that does not disappoint. Praying for your continued perserverence.


  2. Connie, give my congratulations to Leroy and also let him know that I have added him to my prayer list. God has to have a purpose for him.


  3. Congratulations, Leroy, for being drug and alcohol free for a year! What an amazing testimony of God’s mercy, grace, and transforming power! It was such a blessing to hear your story of how God has worked in your life! I’m excited about what He has in store for you! He is so good! Praise the Lord!


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