What Happened at Church Today

I’m deviating from my scheduled Radical blog because I want to share with you what happened today at our church, Strong Tower Fellowship. Our worship leader had asked me to prepare our ladies to sing in worship and I chose two of my favorites, Amazing Love and The Name of the Lord (is a strong tower…strong tower…get it?)

As we finished our last minute run-thru, I said something that I’ve said many times just prior to going into worship.  I always mean it, but I’ve never gotten or even expected the response that followed.  I closed our warmup by praying something like, “Lord, we come to you as imperfect people, broken vessels that want to glorify You in our singing.  Now we bring before you any unconfessed sin, asking You to cleanse us so that we may be used by You.”

Nothing new here.  What usually (actually, always) follows is a few seconds of silence while people are given an opportunity to search their hearts and confess to the Lord anything that needs confessing.

Silently, that is.

But when I paused, immediately I heard a voice say, “Lord, forgive me for how I get so mad at people.”

Shocked, I looked up and opened my mouth to say, “That’s OK, you don’t have to say it out loud.”  But before I could get the words out, another voice confessed, “Lord, forgive me for my cussing.”

I put my head back down.  More confession.

“Lord, I need to make things right with you.”

“Jesus, I don’t trust You near enough like I wanna do.”

“God Almighty, my life doesn’t match these words I’m singing.  Help me.”

As I listened to the transparency of their prayers, it was a holy moment in da hood and this honkie thanked our gracious God for the high privilege of singing with the extraordinary ladies of Strong Tower.

24 thoughts on “What Happened at Church Today

  1. Sounds exactly like you. Isn’t it amazing how and where God uses us when we just turn loose and let God. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Such a beautiful example of how the Lord works! Wish I had been there to witness and be a part of such special moments. I had to miss due to a sore throat.


  3. Because I know some of your ladies and visit your church frequently I could actually see this response taking place. I wish all of your readers could visit your church and experience the entire service……especially Pastor Tom’s and Pastor James’ sermons. (they are a definite ten).


  4. What a great spiritual moment! “Lord, help me to be so quick to recognize and confess sins in my life. Thank you for my special friend who so wants to be used by you. Amen”


  5. Nancy!
    I echo that desire to be quick to confess my sins.
    I met someone yesterday from Dallas and they mentioned Northpark mall. Instantly I thought of you and our early morning walks around Northpark! Miss you, dear friend!


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