Family Portraits Gone Wild

A family portrait should be a thing of dignity, don’t you think?

Everyone at their best.  A shining example for all posterity.  A serene, proper family, where all is well.


That ain’t the way it went down.

As you can see below, Mimi (back row, left) is giving it her all.  As is Hallie (far right). Yeah, Carey/Meadows Family!  Woohoo!

But Ben (in Hallie’s lap) is screaming his ever lovin’ guts out.  “I hate this family!  Why, in God’s name, did I have to be stuck with these people?”

And I am taking a nap.

We tried.  We really did.  In fact, Ben has decided that this is now an OK family after all. Hey, he coulda done worse.

And just look at the strained pleasantness of my face while an elbow jabs my kidney and a disgruntled Ella tries to squirm out of my death grip.  “YOU’RE HURTING ME!”, she wails.  “I AM NOT HURTING YOU!”, I hiss between clenched teeth and a pasted smile.

John is the star of this picture, being that this is the second time in the eight years I’ve known him to actually have his eyes at an appropriate level of openness in a photo. Not too wide, not shut.  Why couldn’t you have done this at our wedding?

But Mimi (top left) is so over it all.  “Let’s just do this, OK people?”

At least I’m awake.

But after all the posing and trying to get it right, we simply give up in a pile of laughter.

(Well, not everyone saw the humor in it.)

Real life is better than perfection, anyway.

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