How to Beat Procrastination: Part 1

I sit down to write a speech for an upcoming event in which I am the keynote speaker.

Yessir.  Ready to work.

I fire up my computer and am instantly bombarded by my Yahoo homepage with tantalizing articles that call to me:  “Fireworks Photography Tips That Sizzle”.

I suddenly feel the need to enlighten myself.  July 4th may be ten months away, but I wanna be ready.


Having done that, I’m now ready to get down to business.

But wait.  What’s that popping up?  “White Buffalo a True Rarity”.  Well, I’ve never seen a white buffalo!

Let me click on that for just a moment.

Ah, now back to the task at hand.

Wow, a cup of coffee would really help me get going. Nothing like the aroma of fresh vanilla hazelnut brewing to get those creative juices flowing.

Back to the computer.  Oh, yeah, I’m cookin’ now.

As I begin to type, I glance out the window only to discover that my elephant ears are drooping.  I’d better get a little water on those babies before they get too thirsty.  I diligently douse not only the elephant ears but all the potted plants, just in case they need a drink, too.

There, that’s better.  Now, where was I?

Oh. Hello, again, blank screen.

What’s that, Yahoo home page?

Big upset at Wimbledon, you say?  Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

Never mind the fact that I don’t even play tennis.

Hey, what’s going on here?

I am suffering from the dreaded affliction known as….Procrastination.

Everyone of us feels like procrastinating on our work now and then.  If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, take heart! You’re not alone.  In fact, many people procrastinate to some degree. But some are so chronically affected by procrastination that it:

  • Stops them from fulfilling their potential and
  • disrupts their careers

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss in three steps how to beat procrastinating.  

That is, if I get around to it.

See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “How to Beat Procrastination: Part 1

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