Wisdom From a Whippersnapper (Africa Series:1)

My husband John and I recently returned from a trip with e3 partners ministry to Gulu, Uganda with a team dedicated to evangelism, discipleship,church planting, a medical team and HIV/AIDS education.

The first day, I met Darius, a young man far beyond his fourteen years in terms of spiritual maturity.  It was clear that he was wonderfully proficient in English, so I asked him if he could hang out with me and interpret.  “Sure!”, came his exuberant reply.  He proved in no time to be invaluable to our team.

When I asked Darius why he wasn’t in school, he explained that he was out this week because a wound on his foot prevented him from wearing the required closed toed shoes.

Sometime later that day, he said, “You know, Auntie… God knew you would need my help this week. It is because of the providence of God that I had this wound so that I would be out of school and able to help you.”

Yep. Fourteen.

We stopped and thanked God for the way in which He had ordained Darius being with us for the week.

What a lesson for me from a teenage  boy!….reminding me of another young man, Joseph, who had more than his share of difficulties, yet  understood and embraced the sovereignty of our God.

Betrayed by family, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, and forgotten by those who promised to put in a good word for him.

His response?

“So then it was not you who sent me here, but God.” (Gen. 45:8)

And of course, we know the rest of the story.

God used the hardships in Joseph’s life to provide for his family during famine, to glorify Himself and to provide a shining testimony of God’s provision for centuries to come.

Got a wound on your foot, so to speak? Some hardship that isn’t making a whole lot
of sense at the moment?

Stay the course.  As surely as He wrote Joseph’s story, He’s writing yours.

May God grant you the grace to trust Him for the great work He’s accomplishing for your good and His glory.

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